Nouveau  Japonisme


URAMUNÉ was founded by designers and twin sisters Ikué and Miyuki Uramuné. URAMUNÉ is exotic, sensual, and timelessly elegant. 

Despite Japan's rich cultural heritage, traditional craftsmanship has become a dying art in this modern world. URAMUNÉ is passionate about  preserving the traditional artisanal skills and knowledge involved in Japanese craftsmanship.

Using sustainable materials, every one of URAMUNÉ's creations are beautifully crafted by master craftsmen using traditional skills and techniques that have been handed down for generations. This leads to authentically crafted yet contemporary and relevant pieces.

"Each culture has its own unique beauty and sensibility. However, this uniqueness is being overshadowed by globalized mass-production and marketing. We believe that these unique values are sacred and should be protected and passed on."