Privacy Policy

VEATRIX, Inc. (URAMUNÉ) (hereinafter referred to collectively as 'URAMUNÉ') comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter referred to as the 'Personal Information Protection Law') and other related laws and ordinances and,
in addition to strictly managing the personal information we collect from you, we endeavour to handle personal information in an appropriate manner in accordance with this Privacy Policy as described below.


Personal information' is 'information regarding a living individual by which a specific person can be identified by name, date of birth or any other description contained in such information (including information that can be easily compared with other information and by means of which
a specific person can be identified)' as stipulated in the Personal Information Protection Law.


URAMUNÉ uses personal information for the purposes described below: (1) Examples of how we use your personal information.

・For providing products or services, as well as related information/follow-up services.
・Activities related to improving the quality of products and services (including investigating and developing new projects or added value). ・For considering, investigating and responding to inquiries and communications from customers.
・For administering and developing the website and managing shops belonging to URAMUNÉ.
・For contacting/providing to manufacturers and resellers of products and other related parties.
・For developing proposals for and carrying out campaigns and events.
・For marketing surveys and other research in relation to the business activities of URAMUNÉ
(including the use as base material for marketing purposes, such as product user analysis).
・For investigating ways to protect URAMUNÉ from negligence, fraudulent behaviour, theft and other illegal actions. ・For notifying and reporting to governmental agencies.
・For complying with laws, regulations, court orders and other obligations as determined by law.


URAMUNÉ maintains reasonable safety measures in order to prevent unauthorised access, loss, destruction, alteration and disclosure of personal information held by URAMUNÉ.

URAMUNÉ endeavours to manage your personal information in the latest and most accurate manner.


Personal information will not be disclosed or provided to any third party by URAMUNÉ without the customers' consent.
However, from time to time, URAMUNÉ may discloses the personal data collected through the site, including personally identifiable information, to Service providers and subcontractors, including our affiliated and unaffiliated service providers, retained to perform functions on our behalf
or to provide services to us.
These services include:

・Order fulfillment, warehousing and delivery
・Advertising, marketing and promotional material distribution;
・Information technology and office services, including data processing and analysis, software and website development, and website hosting, management and evaluation;
・Payment processing services, fraud protection and credit risk reduction; and
・Legal, accounting, audit and other professional service providers.

URAMUNÉ may discloses information about our users, including contact information, where we have a legal duty to do so, including in response to court orders or legal process, and to comply with other legal obligations imposed on us. URAMUN may also disclose information to protect and defend the legal rights, interests, and safety of the Website.